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This site is for the reader and industry professional alike. Sample thirty years of writing. Boving treats us to a large body of work including serious literary works and and two engrossing series of action books.

This is the home of MAXIM GUNN and FRANCES WEST, the central characters in Boving's two action adventure book series. These series embody action adventure at its best.

If you're looking for action adventure books suitable for any age, the MAXIM GUNN series is it. The perfect gift and available as E-books.

Publishing and Entertainment Professionals

If you're a publisher, literary agent, screenplay writer or producer a trip to the novels section is also a must. These works are being presented here for the first time. If you're looking for contemporary thrillers and mainstream novels or screenplays these manuscripts are for you!

About Taurus Publishing

TAURUS PUBLISHING was formed in 1994, primarily to publish and market the MAXIM GUNN series of action - adventure - espionage novels written by Nicholas Boving.

Since then many new titles in the MAXIM GUNN series have been completed and are available as E-books with others on the way. Also in the works is a sister series about FRANCES WEST, Maxim's Gunn's female counterpart. The first book in this series, Castle Dark, is completed and available.

Taurus Publishing also holds the rights to other works by Nicholas Boving. These include eight completed novels, of which many have  been adapted into screenplays . These manuscripts can be categorized as mainstream - literary, contemporary - adventure, eco-thriller genres. These novels represent a more serious and literary vein of Boving's writing.

Taurus is actively seeking publishers for these works.