Frances West - The Series
Introducing FRANCES WEST - The Series.....Action adventure at it's Best!

Welcome to the introductory book in the FRANCES WEST series "Castle Dark". This book kicks off the series in a stunning style that will enthrall and entertain you. This action adventure series is the perfect compliment to the Maxim Gunn series. Her beauty and brawn are a far superior match for opponents as yet unknown. Follow the saga in this riveting series of books.

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FRANCES WEST the Series as written by Canadian author Nicholas Boving will continue...


Not another Relic Hunter. Not another Lara Croft. Not another Sydney Bristow and definitely not another Jinx. Frances West is something else, and we mean something else.

Beautiful, clever, tough and resourceful, with a nose for trouble and a way of dealing with it that’ll leave you breathless, she gets herself in and out of danger like she’s in a revolving door, and leaves behind a trail of antagonists wondering what the hell hit them.

And they’re different too. No megalomaniacs out to destroy the world, no mad scientist and no master criminals. Frances West takes on the supernatural, creatures and beings that should not be, and there’s the odd thing from outer space to sweeten the pot.

The FRANCES WEST series of books is action adventure fiction at its best!