Maxim Gunn - The Series
Introducing MAXIM GUNN - The Series.....Action adventure at it's Best!

These action adventure novels will appeal to the adventurer and armchair agent in all of us. His wiles are a match for the most twisted of villains. Follow the saga in this riveting series of books.

Experience the flare of Maxim Gunn as written by Canadian author Nicholas Boving.

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When Maxim Gunn retired from the British Secret Service, those who knew him doubted his retirement would be peaceful. They were right. A man with his reputation wasn’t likely to be left alone. Gunn is the quiet stranger who rides into town and lands in the middle of a fire fight. He never asks for trouble. Trouble asks for him, by name. The stories are not a litany of mindless violence, not every scene is a hail of bullets and action. Maxim Gunn thinks and feels. He is a human being, not a mindless robot programmed with an itchy trigger finger. And, Maxim Gunn has a twist. Not always arch criminals, but a computer controlled demon, survivors from Atlantis, hostile aliens, and even the infamous Leopard Men are all in a day’s work for this suave and elegant ex-agent. And the list goes on, almost mind boggling in scope. Maxim Gunn is different.

The Gunn stories are also light hearted in the same vein as the earlier Saint adventures. There’s also a touch of throwback to the more romantic times and are a little evocative of the style of John Buchan and H. Rider Haggard. Think of “The Thirty-nine Steps”, and “King Solomon’s Mines”. These are not gritty, hard-bitten stories but entertainments. Sure, people die and there are some nasty things happening, but they had it coming and what would an adventure be without something nasty in the woodshed?

"Maxim Gunn and The Demon Plan"
short listed for
the Crime Writers of Canada
Arthur Ellis Award

The MAXIM GUNN series of books is action adventure fiction at its best!