Nicholas Boving

Nicholas Boving lives in Toronto. As a former mining engineer he has traveled the world widely, spending many years in places such as Nigeria, Guyana and Australia.

Tiring of the mining industry and wanting to experience the people of the world firsthand, Boving also worked from time to time as a docker, fruit inspector and forester. As he says. "My unalterable conviction was that mining in 40 degrees in the shade was a vastly overrated pastime." His books draw on this wealth of experiences to provide immensely interesting stories, characters, backgrounds and scenes.

He is the author and publisher of the "Maxim Gunn" series of action - adventure books for readers of all ages. The second book in the series, "Maxim Gunn and the Demon Plan" was a finalist in the 1998 Crime Writers of Canada, Arthur Ellis Award.

Nicholas Boving has also written other novels which follow the central characters to countries and places where the forces of nature as much as people provide the conflict.