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5.0 out of 5
                stars A Little Touch of Zenda in the Night, October 19, 2008
 This review is from: Maxim Gunn and the Sun Fortress (Kindle Edition)
In Maxim Gunn The Sun Fortress, the fourth volume in Nichoas O. Boving's entertaining series about secret agent and adventurer Maxim Gunn, the author produces not only another fine adventure in the series, but adds a hint of Philip Jose Farmer's Wold Newton Universe as we learn some surprizing facts about Gunn's history. Readers of the series will know Gunn is a former agent of the Organization headed by the cool headed and cold blooded splendidly named Vileman. Despite having left the service Gunn can't sit on his laurels and enjoy his life with beautiful lady friend Lady Cynthia ffoote and his man James Sweetstory, he keeps getting drawn back into the Great Game.

In Sun Fortress Gunn is drawn back into a very personal battle when Princess Alicia Flavia of the small but key nation of Ruritania is kidnapped by mercenary terrorist Devlin and his small army. The kidnapping has a personal tie to Gunn who it seems is a direct descendent of Rudolph Rassendyl, an adventurer who was involved with the Princess' great grandmother and Ruritainian intrigue, the story fictionalized in Anthony Hope's adventure tale The Prisoner of Zenda.

Almost as soon as Gunn is drawn into the case it becomes apparent this is no ordinary kidnapping for ransom or extortion. The Princess has been taken so she can be sacrificed by an insane Mayan priest who believes that a coming disaster can only be averted by spilling royal blood. Meanwhile she is being held in a remote fortress by Devlin and his mercenary army, inaccesible on one side by jungle and the followers of the mad priest, and on the other by the sea and nearly vertical cliffs.

But one or two men could perhaps get close, scale the cliffs, and rescue the Princess before the deadline --- especially if one of those men is Maxim Gunn.

Boving continues to weave Gunn's adventures with elements of the fantastic and old fashioned swashbuckling, while in Gunn he has created a classic adventure hero who is equally at home in the company of James Bond or the Saint, Dirk Pitt or Richard Hannay, Modesty Blaise or Rudolph Rassendyll ... These books are grand adventures, playful and inventive and written in a literate and civilised manner that makes them ideal escapism. In Sun Fortress he has also created a firey and intelligent heroine in the Princess, who proves equal to Gunn and his dashing ally Don Sebastian as they dare the sheer cliffs and ruthless army that guards the inaccesible fortress.

It all builds up to a suspenseful conclusion as Gunn and Don Sebastian find themselves alone facing an angry army with their backs to a sheer cliff ...

These books are a wonderful blend of modern thriller and old fashioned adventure and readers who enjoy Anthony Horowitz's Alex Rider, Ted Bell's Alexander Hawke, or James Rollins Sigma Force books should give them a try. Nicholas Boving is a most civilized and entertaining writer, with a touch of savagry and a delightful tongue in cheek sense of humor. Get on the Maxim Gunn bandwagon now. The call to adventure has never rung so clear. The entire affair runs as cooly as Gunn's Lagonda and goes down as smoothly as his favorite Glenmorangie whiskey, with the solid kick of his .357 Colt Python. Superior escapist fun for all readers.
5.0 out of 5
                stars Enter a Hero, September 11, 2008
This review is from: Maxim Gunn and the Chaos Project (Paperback)
Maxim Gunn and the Chaos Project introduces the world to Gunn, Maxim Gunn, Nicholas Boving's entertaining and clever twist on the cool eyed British hero of lore. Of course it's impossible to escape the comparison with James Bond, and Boving cleverly manages to play his own clever variations on all the tropes of Fleming's popular works, but Boving is holding his cards close to his vest and if Gunn occaisionally offers a glimpse of Fleming's world of glamor and danger he also plays --- in a different manner --- some of those same notes that Fleming himself drew on from the rich past of the British thriller while keeping his tongue in cheek with a panache that may remind readers of the late George McDonald Fraser's cheeky Flashman. Maxim Gunn, is no Flashy, he's true blue, handsome, dashing, and with immpecacable manners, but he also manages to touch on that same wealth of earlier heroes from Anthony Hope's Rudolph Rassendyll and Sapper's Bulldog Drummond to C.S. Forester's Horatio Hornblower.

Nor it Boving content to put his man up against anything as tiresome as the Russians, terrorist fanatics, or the usual run of meglomaniacs. Gunn, who is contemplating retiring from the Organization to escape his tiresome boss, the perfectly named Vilemann, finds himself arrayed against the beautiful and deadly Wanda Liszt. Seems Gunn killed Wanda's super criminal father and Wanda and her allies have been seeking revenge ever since. And what revenge it is. Wanda has gotten her hands on the legendary necklace of Sheba, and with it's powers she plans to sieze all of Africa as her own little fiefdom -- but first she has to gather her forces in a splendid set piece of a gothic unassailable castle fortress --- replete with its own version of the jacobs ladder that threatened the real king of Ruritania in Hope's The Prisoner of Zenda --- where Gunn, with the help of a former SAS man and a Union Corse godfather, has to literally bring the house down on Wanda's head.

Tongue firmly in cheek, Boving orchestrates it all with clever byplay, fast action, and a knowing nod to what splendid fun all this nonsense can be if the reader will just relax and go along with it. The author has a real gift for capturing the feeling of exotic locales and creating exciting, colorful, and bizarre dilemas for his hero to extricate himself from with the proper mix of derring do and the well placed mot juste.

It all runs as smooth as Gunn's Lamborghini and with the kick of his trusty .357 Magnum, at a rapid involving pace and with just the right balance of action, character development, and colorful background and locales. I won't be giving away too much to reveal Wanda Liszt meets a just end, but I suspect she won't be quiet long, and Boving hints as much in a clever coda at the books end. It's no small thing to create a hero as attractive as Gunn (think Stewart Granger in The Prisoner of Zenda) or a villain as wickedly inviting as Wanda, and Boving plays the two off each other with all the right notes. If Maxim Gunn deserves to stand in the company of such heroes as Bond, Drummond, and the Saint, as well as more modern entries like Dirk Pitt or Ted Bell's Alexander Hawke; Wanda deserves a place alongside Carl and Irma Peterson, Fu Manchu and his daughter, Fleming's Ernst Stavro Blofield, and of course the immortal Professor Moriarity.

I can't say enough about Boving's literate and highly readable mix of old fashioned adventure with a pleasingly gothic touch of what the Scots like to call the uncanny and a whiff of the kind of world threatening science we've come to associate with Clive Cussler, James Rollins, and Mathew Reilly's bestselling novels. Long live Maxim Gunn --- and the good news is there are six more already available. You won't regret meeting Mr. Gunn, and you will be eager to make his aquaintence again and again.