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Maxim Gunn is the ultimate agent. The best of the best. There is nothing he cannot or will not take on. These books are action adventure at its best. Crime, megalomanic criminals and supernormal beings are the stuff of these books of high action adventure and intrigue.

The books are filled with suspense, crime at its most globally outrageous and intrigue to keep you guessing to the last page. Supernatural and supernormal criminals who are at times not of this world and veiled in mystery keep our hero up to his neck in action. Throughout the books adventure follows close on the heels of Maxim Gunn.

The Maxim Gunn books will take you throughout the World, from Australia to Zululand, through Europe and Africa, from North to South America. Wherever there is trouble needing that special something that only Gunn has, that's where you'll find him.

These books are for readers of all ages, for the young and old and the young at heart who love high adventure and action stories.

Maxim Gunn series of action adventure Books


The Maxim Gunn Series
The Best in Action Adventure Books
Quality books to rival tired old standards!