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Series books, novels, fine adventure stories, light reading for the action adventure aficionados who like to know that the characters they've met are going to keep on coming back. That's what series books are all about.

The Maxim Gunn series of novels is endless, they'll keep on coming as long as the reading public wants them, as long as the writer's imagination allows. All of those among us who like to come back to what we are familiar with, will enjoy these fiction novels about an ex agent.

These are action adventure stories at their best for the young at heart. Fiction is just that, imagination run riot. Adventure fiction lovers don't want the everyday hum-drum realities of life, they want a world beyond the real, a world they can lose themselves in, a world where cold fact blurs into fantasy, and the fun rally starts.

If this is your stuff, if this is what you read, then the Maxim Gunn stories are for you.

Maxim Gunn series of Books


The Maxim Gunn Series of books
Quality books to rival tired old standards!