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Maxim Gunn series of Books

The Maxim Gunn series of books will take you throughout the World, from Australia to Zululand, through Europe and Africa, from North to South America. Wherever there is trouble needing that special something that only Gunn has, that's where you'll find him.

Two books in the Series are now available with a further nine due to go to press in the near future. In addition another dozen books have been written by the author and will be published at a later date. We are looking forward to the release of these books as are Maxim Gunn fans everywhere.

On this site you'll find summaries of all the books in the Series as well as pictures of the covers of the books. Preview Chapter 1 of the first two books in their entirety. Trying before you buy our books, our way of ensuring you'll be happy when you buy our books.

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The Maxim Gunn Series of books
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