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              Move Over Bond,
     Here's Gunn...
                              Maxim Gunn

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Move over James Bond: here's Gunn, Maxim Gunn, secret agent extraordinary, one-time pride of the British Secret Service. In the world of spies and espionage, Gunn was the ultimate secret agent, the best that ever was.

Now a private citizen, retired from the bureaucratic strictures of MI6 and its clones, he is able to work with those agencies which were his adversaries or competitors, such as the KGB, the CIA and FBI.

The new world of Maxim Gunn takes you away from "normal" espionage of spies like James Bond and the like, and counter-espionage, away from the Secret Service he belonged to, to a realm of other secrets, to things that cannot be, but are. He is a secret agent, but for those who need his very special abilities to solve problems which at times are distinctly other-worldly.

Maxim Gunn series of Books


The Maxim Gunn Series of books
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