Frances West - Castle Dark

Beautiful, clever, tough and resourceful, with a nose for trouble and a way of dealing with it that’ll leave you breathless, she gets herself in and out of danger like she’s in a revolving door, and leaves behind a trail of antagonists wondering what the hell hit them.

Frances West knew she had a problem when the front of her house blew out. Of course the smell of gelignite was a dead giveaway, but it was the voodoo doll that made her think back to the sewers of Prague and Drakkar, the vampire.

The dungeons of an ancient castle. Wolves that aren't quite wolves. A bloody battle with saw-toothed raptors from hell. Mindless zombies and a screaming snowstorm. Frances West fights all the vampire Drakkar's attempts to steal her mind and life force, and bring his reign of terror to an end.