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This section is for industry professionals. Listed below you will find screenplays / scripts by author Nicholas Boving. All are currently available for option.

The Disputed Barricade and the Maxim Gunn series are under consideration by several well known and respected production companies. There is also interest in the scripts that are in progress.

We invite you to discover these gems for yourself. Any interested professional party can contact us directly for further information.

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Merchandising makes the movie world go around. The Maxim Gunn action adventure series is merchandising gold. We're not selling scripts, we're looking for visionary partners in creating a commercial dynasty!

Maxim Gunn is our hero. Rather removed from the limited world of the likes of Bond, he is king of virtually any reality. Limitless imagination is the life blood and staple of Maxim Gunn. It is also the foundation for limitless marketing potential. He can fit any story, any setting, be it a casino or the Amazon jungle, combat any adversary and conquer any market!

Gunn can sell out theaters, Gunn can hold your prime time slot, Gunn can sell your vehicle, Gunn can sell your toys, Gunn can sell most anything…your imagination is the only limiting factor.

We will not be limited by preconception. We envision a future of possibilities,

  • film / movie production
  • television production
  • film and TV franchise
  • product licensing
  • book publishing
  • comic books

Wheels are turning…if you recognize the immense potential presented here,


We have the vehicle…if you have the means to make film or television history, we want to talk to you. Together we can create a legend!
This is your window of opportunity.

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