Declaration of Intent

Things have a way of just happening when you least expect it. Situations take on a life of their own. Colin Paget had a quiet, uncomplicated life as a farmer, he had a beautiful girlfriend he loved, and all was right with the world, until she started doing her job as an investigative journalist.

A truckload of small arms parts, a TV interview, a cruelly murdered cat, and life began to come apart at the seams. Illegal arms manufacturing is a profitable business, and Jan Tobin was getting too close.

At the harvest festival dance she went outside, and didn’t come back, and Paget had no idea what had happened until he got a telephone call. He expected a demand for money, but what he got was an invitation to a duel, the kind of invitation he couldn’t refuse.

The quiet, rolling South Downs of Sussex became the venue for a deadly game of hide and seek. Two men, two rifles and one outcome. Kill or be killed.