Maxim Gunn - The Series
Introducing MAXIM GUNN - The Series.....Action adventure at it's Best!
Maxim Gunn - The Assassins

“The killing is inexorable: that’s what has the inmates running scared. All their guns, money, protection and bodyguards aren’t worth a damn. One by one they turn up dead. There’s never been anything like it. The assassins walk in, kill and walk out. And they don’t seem to care if they’re killed. It’s as if they’re brainwashed.”

The heirs to the ancient Assassins, transferred centuries ago to a mountain fastness in the Andes, are targeting the drug cartels of South America. Their aim: elimination of all competition. The result: total control of a business that will have more money and resources and firepower than most medium sized countries. They must be stopped. The monster’s head must be cut off. Mission impossible? Almost. Unless your name is Maxim Gunn.