Maxim Gunn - The Series
Introducing MAXIM GUNN - The Series.....Action adventure at it's Best!
Maxim Gunn - The Lost World

At the head of the river, beyond the rapids lay the falls, a thousand feet high, and beyond the falls reared the plateau, mist enshrouded, dark, brooding, inaccessible.

Legends tell of huge beasts, the red glow of fires, throbbing drumbeats. And Torquil Tornquist has found an egg, a dinosaur's egg, and it is fresh.

On the top of the plateau , in a land before there was time, there still lived creatures from your worst nightmares.

Gunn finds himself in a world of savagery beyond belief, where men and animals fight a constant war for survival, a world of murderous ape men, of rituals and bloodthirsty priests.