Maxim Gunn - The Series
Introducing MAXIM GUNN - The Series.....Action adventure at it's Best!
Maxim Gunn - Sheba's Necklace

"It should have worked, Maxim." Wanda's words came out huskily and with great effort. "It did for a while, didn't it? I was going to be young and beautiful forever. The flame, the necklace, they were the secret. It should have worked. Where did I go wrong?"

King Solomon's Mines, She Who Must be Obeyed. Did Wanda Liszt finally find the secret to eternal life when she recovered Sheba's Necklace from the bottom of a Swiss lake?

Maxim Gunn only knows that he must stop her before it is too late as the trail leads him from Istanbul to Cairo, through Africa and finally to the Northwest Frontier District of Kenya, a land where the impossible is commonplace, and danger is a constant companion.