Twenty years does not wash away memory.” So begins the story of “The Abbey” as the storyteller revisits the scenes of terrible happenings.

David Morgan, an investigative journalist researching the dissolution of an ancient abbey is fascinated by a sidebar to what he sees as just another piece he can uncover and sell to the highest bidder.

Sylvanus Falconi owns the land around the Abbey of St Mary Zion and is the last in a family line that stretches back to a Roman Centurion, Gaius Sylvanus Falconius who witnessed the Crucifixion. He is the final guardian of a dark and explosive secret called simply, “The Keeping”.

Morgan's materialistic approach is wrong, very wrong. His denial of things greater is about to stand trial.

Quite simply, the secret is this. At the same instant that Christ was born, a female child was also born, to the dark side of the same Father, and her mother was a harlot. She was born Antichrist and she has come down through the generations fathered by the next Falconi on the previous incarnation. This was Falconis punishment for failing to do what Christ begged of the Centurion as he hung from the cross.

After two thousand years, Sylvanus Falconi no longer sees it as a punishment but a glorious fulfillment which is about to take place as he, having no male heir is the end of the line. His dark charge is poised to emerge upon an unsuspecting world, the need for his guardianship spent in the culmination of millenia. Destiny is at hand.

The story is a deadly chess game between Falconi and Morgan; part biographical exploration, part love story and part exposé of the Falconi family’s long-guarded secret.